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Lesbos : Bienvenue en Europe

Un grand merci au photographe grec Giorgos Moutafis qui m'a gracieusement envoyé ces deux photos prises à Lesbos pour les mettre sur mon blog. Elles illustrent avec force et sobriété le destin des migrants traversant la Mer Egée.
Copyright texte et images: Giorgos Moutafis.

Lesvos is 7 miles away from the Turkish coasts.Every day up to 100 migrants arrive in the island by paying smugglers who work on both sites of the borders. During the past 20 years 1051 people lost their lives trying to cross the Aegean Sea.
Lesbos est à 7 KM de distance des côtes turques. Chaque jour, jusqu'à 100 migrants débarquent sur l'île en payant des passeurs qui travaillent des deux co^tés de la frontière. Pendant les 20 dernières années, 1051 personnes ont perdu la vie en essayant de traverser la mer Egée.
In Ferogia's beach a lost document of a Somalian woman.
Sur la plage de Ferogie, un document perdu par une femme somalienne.

Lesvos is the third largest Greek island, it belongs to the chain of Greek islands lined up across the Turkish west coast and it is only 7 miles far from Turkey, the favored transit point for immigrants trying to reach Europe with small plastic boats. Another path between Asia and Europe for immigrants.
In the last few years the island of Lesvos has represented one of the main entrance gate for thousands of refugees and migrants seeking to reach Europe. Packed in tiny plastic boats they try to cross the sea border between Turkey and Greece but some of them can't make it.
More than 1.100 migrants and refugees have lost their lives that way in Aegean sea the last 20 years. Some of them destroy the inflatable dinghies transporting them upon sighting Greek territory, a more-or-less "modus operandi" used to prevent Greek authorities from forcing their craft back into Turkish waters.
During summer the roads from coast to the center are full of immigrants. Police authorities arrest immigrants and lead them to the island’s Detention Center, a center for 200 people, which host even 1000 immigrants. Critics say about a human crisis in Center.

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